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Managing the payroll is a challenging task as it requires a considerable amount of time and attention to data. These challenges are unavoidable as it is important for any business. The processing of the payrolls is not just handling on-time payment or post-payment queries from the employees, it requires a lot of understanding about the employment and federal laws of a particular state or a country.
With Nexout Outsourcing, put a full-stop to all your payroll processing headaches as we provide a one-stop solution for all your payroll requirements.

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Why choose Nexout Outsourcing’s Payroll Outsourcing Services?

We, at Nexout Outsourcing, consist of an elite team of skilled experts who are the best in business, be it accounts, tax or finance. Their top-class knowledge about payroll and employment laws make them the best to handle the payroll processing of any given location. Should you need reasons as to why you should choose us over others, go through the following:

Robust payroll processing

We are leaders in managing payroll processing for any given business at any given location

Customized Services

Our services can be easily customized as per your requirements which makes you spend less

Compliant with tax laws

We take serious care about the all the tax and statutory compliances and labor compliances

High-end softwares

With our top-notch infrastructure, you need to worry about purchasing high-end softwares like GUSTO, ADP, Intuit, etc. for payroll processing, just outsource them all to us and you are good to go

Quick Turn-around Time

Our deadlines are always a day or two before the deadlines that are actually set by you. This ensures timely payroll processing

Payroll Services that matches your requirements

We boast to be the leaders amongst all the outsourcing companies in the market. What makes us the best? Well, we provide end-to-end payroll solutions for every business, small or big, simple or complex. These include:

Full Payroll Processing

We aid in processing of the complete payroll which includes timesheet review, inclusions and deductions such as bonus for overtime and statutory deductions respectively.

Proper Maintenance of Records

❖ We maintain employee wise master and transactional details
❖ We have a separate Payroll register for each pay period

Payroll Accounting and Data Maintenance

❖ We don’t delay recording the payroll transactions as soon as the Payroll gets processed. Our team of experts reconciles the liability balance every single month
❖ We keep a strict tracking of the payroll data so that we can easily and smoothly incorporate any modifications that may occur for any particular employee.


Reporting Payroll Taxes

❖ We keep a track of due dates and also provide the statuses of all the essential payment reports
❖ Apart from this, we also consider it our responsibility for processing payments for all payroll tax liabilities

Safe, Secure and Real Time services at SSBookKeeper

By outsourcing your payroll processing to Nexout Outsourcing, expect only the best for your business.

Best utilization of manpower

By outsourcing your payroll management to us, you will be able to utilize your human resource team in other core areas of your business.

Powered with the best technology

You do not need to spend on the latest technologies. With our services, you can take advantage of it without the need of purchasing.

Cost Savings

You don’t need to spend on training your employees on the latest software. We do it all for you

360° compliant services

We provide a seamless payroll processing that is 360 degree compliant and that which matches the latest industry standards.

24×7 online support

A friendly team of experts ready to support 24×7. Be it morning or night, our support team is here for you day in and day out..

Reports – at fingertips

Reporting at your fingertips, real time! Now reach out to all your data anytime, anywhere with our real time online services.

We are with you every step of your way

Right from setting up your accounts to walking you through processing your first payroll. We, at Nexout Outsourcing, reach out to you every single time at each payroll cycle to ensure that the processing has taken place correctly. Apart from this, our learned team will forever be guiding you regarding all the new legislations pertaining to the payroll and taxations.